Adusi Cough Syrup (Pack of 3 x 110ml)


Ayurvedic remedy that fights cough without making you drowsy

(Pack of 3)

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Due to changing climate and pollution in the environment, respiratory issues like cough and cold occur very often. With Adusi Herbal Cough Syrup, you have a fast-acting, safe and natural way to cure these problems. Adusi Herbal syrup comes with all-natural ingredients which fight cough and cold without making you sleepy. It is made from time-tested ayurvedic extracts of the haldi, vasaka, yastimadhu, and other ayurvedic herbs making it very effective.

Ingredients & Usage:

  • Vasaka: Vasaka is rich in anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It gives relief from all types of cough.
  • Yastimadhu – It is effective and helpful in cough and sore throat. Its ayurvedic property helps mucous secretion, which relieves irritation or gives a soothing effect.
  • Kantakari- It helps to loosen and remove the sputum.
  • Tulsi: It has been used for many years for relieving cough and cold. It soothes the airways by helping to cough out sticky mucous.
  • Haldi: Haldi/turmeric increases mucus production, which naturally flushes out microbes that clog your respiratory tract. Its anti-inflammatory property helps in relieving the symptoms of cough and cold.
  • Somlata: Somlata is useful in curing congestion and irritation of the throat, chronic cough, asthma, and related problems.
  • Adusi syrup also contains baheda, kulanjan, makoi, dashmoxol, peppermint, lavang oil, and Nausadar. It brings instant relief from cough, cold and sore throat.

Dosage: 10 ml twice a day


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