Aloe Vera Foaming Face Wash (with built-in brush)

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Soothe damaged skin and brighten your complexion with every wash.

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Cratus Aloe Vera Foaming Face Wash heals, cleanses and hydrates skin damaged by acne. Famed for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, Aloe Vera has been used to treat a number of skin conditions for centuries. Cratus Aloe Vera Foaming Face Wash is also enriched with other vital natural ingredients Vitamin E, Green Tea, Almond Oil and Tea Tree Oil that leave your skin feeling fresh, nourished and glowing. Thanks to the built-in face brush, it rinses out the day’s dirt grime and dead skin cells without impacting the skin’s natural moisture levels. We recommend that you use it twice a day for fresh, supple and glowing skin.

4 reviews for Aloe Vera Foaming Face Wash (with built-in brush)

  1. Jhanvi

    Aloe vera products are common. Wasn’t expecting anything amazing. But…. Cratus take a bow. This face wash is pre foamed so no hassles, has a silcon brush and the fragrance and consistancy is perfect. Washing my face is no chore now.

  2. Simran

    Since I was a teenager I’ve had frequent breakouts. I need a gentle cleanser that won’t interact with my treatment. Cratus aloe vera face wash does exactly that. Now my skin feels considerably softer and firmer. Told my doctor about it and he said this face wash doesn’t have parabens and mineral oil which is a good thing. Other brands have so much filler it can cause you a lot of problems. Highly recommended.

  3. Jyoti

    I bought it because aloe vera is amazing for the skin. Then on the pack it says it also has vitamin e, green tea, almond oil & tea tree oil. It’s like 1 pe 4 free! All of these ingredients are vital when it comes to hydrating and caring for your skin. Couldn’t wait to try it so washed my face as soon as I receieved the delivery. So happy with the results!

  4. Shraddha

    The Aloe Vera face wash is amazing and the brush feels very gentle to the skin.

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