Coffee & Charcoal Foaming Face Wash (with built-in brush)

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Naturally exfoliate and detox your skin with this gentle deep cleanse.

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Conquer all the problems of oily skin and clogged pores with Cratus Coffee & Charcoal Foaming Face Wash. A power-packed combination of Activated Charcoal and Coffee flush out excess oil and dislodge dead skin cells and even microscopic toxins. Moreover, real extracts from Papaya, Cucumber and Green Tea help your skin look and feel radiant naturally. The built-in face brush makes it easy to wash your face with minimum fuss.

6 reviews for Coffee & Charcoal Foaming Face Wash (with built-in brush)

  1. Saniya

    I would honestly recommend this product for various reasons. It has a really good applicator which is my personal favourite. The face feels fresh and oil free post using this facewash

  2. Aditi

    The product did wonders to my skin i never imagined.

  3. Zainab

    the product is really good. really did suit my skin.

  4. Sneha

    Coffee Charcoal Facewash was amazing. You only realise the difference 3-4 days after using it regularly. The face brush is another great thing along with the foam. Never thought I would say it but I can’t imagine washing my face with my hands now. It just feels right. I tell everyone that Cratus is my beauty secret.

  5. Tulika

    Whenever I am out during the day my skin feels oily and icky. I like how the coffee and charcoal face wash from Cratus completely zaps out the excess oil and clears out every pore of skin. Even blackheads to whiteheads are gone. It’s hands down the most used item in my bathroom cabinet.

  6. Neha

    If you want your face wash to tackle tough skin problems like acne, dead skin, black heads & clogged pores I can’t recco this face wash to you. Had never heard the name Cratus before but bought it since I love coffee (lol i know) !! It just does a good job every time. All the fancy mnc brands you see on tv have so much junk in them this face wash is top quality. So glad I clicked that insta ad of Cratus coffee & charcoal. Can’t wait to try the other varieties too…

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